Without Compassion, Cannabis Doesn’t Work: California’s Fight for Patients in Need

Patients Out of Time are exactly that- patients who need this medicine now. Despite all the exciting research and political progress, despite a growing number of states that have passed medical marijuana laws, and as more doctors tell patients that Cannabis could help them – even now legions of America’s chronically ill have no means or hope of acquiring medical-grade Cannabis in amounts necessary to alleviate their suffering. They are forced to rely on pharmaceutical medications with debilitating side-effects – often narcotics that slow down gastro-intestinal and other bodily processes – unsuitable for treatment of chronic, prolonged illnesses. Often the suffering have to sign a “pain contract” that forbids the use of Cannabis as an adjunct medicine (enforced with urine tests) – even as science now shows using Cannabis can enable chronic pain patients to reduce their pain pills by up to two-thirds. History shows that our ancestors used this same combination, making Cannabis indica the most common ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations of the late 19th century. So, the chronically ill have a dilemma. Do they give up their natural right to a God-given herbal medicine and their civil right to personal privacy for legal narcotics? Or do they leave the system – risking their freedom, jobs and health benefits to seek their medicine on the “black market”, where medical grade Cannabis is expensive and rare? Do they risk their homes and families to “grow their own” – often the only way to assure quality and supply?

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